Settlement Workers in School (SWIS)


       What is SWIS program? 

                    SWIS (Settlement Workers in School) program is a free, school-based outreach program aimed at facilitating the settlement of newcomer students and their families, as well as their integration into their school and community. The program offers information and orientation services to new immigrants and refugees. SWIS provides a needs assessment, action plan, and holistic case management services to eligible newcomers.

        Who does SWIS serve? 

                   SWIS supports newcomer children and their families during their transition to life in Canada. SWIS focuses on serving:

  • Newcomer students and families who have been in Canada for a short time.
  • Newcomer students and families with unresolved first-year settlement needs
  • Newcomer students and families experiencing ongoing, long-term settlement issues and those in need of intensive support regardless of arrival date.

What does SWIS provide? 

SWIS creates a bridge between the school, home, and community. We provide:

  • Orientation and referrals to essential resources and organizations
  • Information required for successful transition to the school setting, local schools, and activities
  • Practical guidance and advice
  • Immediate intervention in crisis situations
  • Advocacy for newcomer students and their families
  • Personal outreach to newly arrived families to enhance the settlement process
  • Homework assistance, out-of-school activities and community involvement, assistance with school registration, liaison between the family and the school, translation assistance, and many more

Our goal is to help your child thrive in school and parents to clearly understand the Canadian schooling process.